• Visual Linguist
  • Los Angeles, CA

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I am living in Los Angeles, California
discovering FINE ART and FILM and MUSIC
for the last forever.
Before that I lived in New York.
I do not use the words "good" or "bad."
I wear black jeans and boots.
I've made thousands of images across dozens of traditional and new media, produced and performed hours of live visuals, headed dozens of art departments on set, written and recorded over 100 tunes, made a couple installations and a few more friends. All of which have helped me to investigate a staggering array of aesthetics and forms of expression,
but more importantly,
to understand what it means to look at things, what it means to look for things, and what it means to know the difference.
I believe in balance.
Even more important is the balancing of the balance and the lack of balance.
I almost died once.
I love my mom and my dad.

I am
100% of NCV//art
100% of The Soapbox Derby
50% of Squid Emoji
50% of Wiggily Tuff

I am currently working with:
Courteous Family
Noer The Boy
Bleep Bloop
Synaptik Events
Table Productions

  • || @nicholascvalerio






University of Southern California, Roski School of Fine Art BA [2014]
+Presidential Scholar
+National Merit Commended Student

Rhode Island School Of Design, Pre-College Program [2008]
Basic design, graphic design, drawing, art history

Maine College of Art, Early College Program [2007]
Two dimensional design, three dimensional design, drawing,
film & video, art history

“Senior Exhibition” – 2009
Group Show – Participant
Katonah Museum of Art / Westchester, NY

“Line & Paint” – 2011
Group Show – Participant
Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

Participant / Co-curator
Two Roads Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

“It Becomes That” – 2013
Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

"Broke LA Festival" - 2015
Participant // site-specific installation "pLAyphone"
Los Angeles, CA


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COURTEOUS FAMILY [2016-ongoing]
-Album Covers / Music Videos / Motion Graphics / Live Visuals / Promotional Content [static&motion]
[adopted by the Courteous Family in 2016, NCV//art has been cranking out visual content for an array of artists on the Courteous Fam roster including an official music video and matching album art for Kaelin Ellis, promo-teasers for various events and releases, and hours of all-original live visuals]

-Visual Artist ("NAUVA JAUNT Mixtape")
[singlehandedly creating the "visual element" of Woolymammoth's massive, full-length audiovisual experience]

-Tour Photography + Videography
[capturing the spring tour of Los Angeles Based altrock band Magic Giant from LA > CO > TX (sxsw), as well as editing and distributing assets (image and video) across various social media forums]

-Live Visuals / Motion Graphics
[conception, design, production and implementation of 30, 60 and 90 minute all-original, live visual experiences to accompany Bleep Bloop's 2016 tours and festivals across the United States and Canada]

KOZMO [2016]
-Album Artwork
[forging a consistent aesthetic for electronic musician KOZMO, including album cover art for his 2016 "Recalibrate" and "Live from Emissions Festival" releases]

SHAMAN [2016]
-Album Artwork
[teaming up with Euphoric and artist Shaman to create a stunning cover for Shaman's Exclusive Mix]

[creation of visually unified album cover art & official music video for Trilly Vanilly's "So Good"]


  • Visual Content Czar
    [providing visual propaganda across multiple media to promote the tunes and artists represented by Bunkr Music, as well as the overall brand of Bunkr. Including: album cover art [Kai Li, Love The Cook], merchandise design [Bunkr] and promotional motion graphics]

THE SOAPBOX DERBY [2014-ongoing]
-AudioVisual Artist
[the soapbox derby has become the musical alter-ego of NCV//art. Thru this project Valerio has released several singles & two full-length records ("Sweet Revenge" & the forthcoming "Confluence") - all cover art, music videos, and visuals are also created by NCV//art.

TURNCOAT [2008-2010]
[1/4 of the music and 100% of the album artwork of this Westchester, NY pop-punk powerhouse]
“Save the Bombardier” – 2009
“It’s a Good Night to be a Hero” – 2011
-songwriting + guitars + vox // visual director + graphic designer



“How To Live Without Experience” Season 2 (2016)
-Production Design
-Knife-Wielding Bum

"Day Of Reckoning" (2016)
-Production Design

“How To Live Without Experience” Season 1 (2015)
-Production Design

“Lifejuice” (2015)

RL Grime – “Let Go” (Official Music Video) (2015)
-Production Design

Busy Living – “Let You Down” (Official Music Video) (Forthcoming – 2015)

  • Production Design

Hex Cougar – “YNG BLOOD” (Official Music Video) (2014)

  • Production Design

Madd Hatter – “Ignite” (Official Music Video) (2013)

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Editor

“Tile” (Commercial) (2013)

  • Production Design

Bianca Leonor – “Regret” (Official Music Video) (2013)

  • Production Design

Charming Liars – “New Disorder” (Official Music Video) (2013)

  • Production Design

"Ollie" (2013)

  • Production Design

Nicky Romero & Nervo – "Like Home" (Official Music Video) (2013)

  • Production Design

RJ Manuelian Commercial (2013)

  • Production Design

“Eric Finley: Comment Counselor” Season 1 (2012)

  • Art Director

"Aim High" Season 2 (2012)

  • Art Department Intern

"Time Will Tell" (2012)

  • Assistant Production Design

"The Chemist" (2012)

  • Production Design

"Kadaffi Goes Hollywood" (2011)

  • Production Design

"Grace" (2011)

  • Production Design / Art Director

"Rebel" (2011)

  • Production Design / Art Director

Gowsh (Digital Short) (2008)

  • Director
  • Production Design



[HTLWE Season 1}



[Tile Commercial]


[Kadaffi Goes Hollywood]

[RJ Manuelian Promo]

[Like Home – Music Video]

[Eric Finley S1 E2]
[Eric Finley S1 E3]
[Eric Finley S1 E4]
[Eric Finley S1 E5]


914.441.6407 | LA, CA