Studio Art || Traditional Media

Selected Works 2009-2017

  • Type [portfolio]

The Situation Room [Digital Photograph of: Ink, Graphite and Watercolor on Vellum + Television]


DMTriangles [Digital]

LA [Graphite on Velum]

Song A [Mixed Media on Board]

Quotation from the Grapes of Wrath [Ink on Paper]

Five Daves Thinking [Graphite. Ink and Charcoal on Paper]

Brain Storm [Ink, Graphite and Charcoal on Paper]

Untitled Faces [Ink on Paper]

Jass [Ink and Graphite on Velum]

Grasp [Ink and Graphite on Vellum]

Balance [Ink, Graphite, Collage on Vellum, Paper and Bristol]

Untitled Portrait of President George W. Bush [Acrylic on Canvas]

Che [Scratchboard]

AIG {Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Smoke / Mirrors [Acrylic on Canvas]

C. Samuels [Inks on Paper]

Thiz Crew [Letterpress Print]

Untitled Woman [Ink and Graphite on Paper]

Untitled Figures [Ink and Graphite on Paper (2)]

Trees [Ink and Graphite on Paper]

Theory 1 [Print, Etching]

Untitled Repetition Drawing 1 [Graphite on Paper]

h.Ear [Print - Monotype]

Tree [Print, Monotype]

Untitled [Watercolor Pencil on Paper]

Untitled [Ink on Paper]